We are a hub of creation

Focused on design, web and content, we are a lab that knocked walls down in order to see further. We are a diverse team, with many talents and skills, interested in embracing new stories for building shape to it.

  • Igor Miguel - Outlab.rio

    Igú is the hybrid designer, front-end and reveler. He develops and tests websites, platforms and applications from March to January, withholding February to parade with his columbine. Success among our clients, he is Outlab's golden boy.

    Igor Miguel

    Golden boy
  • Natalia Figueiredo

    Nat translates into text the coolest ideas that reach us so that our friend Google can find them all. Journalist, marketer, video-maker and, when possible, acrobat. She hangs herself between silks and words.

    Natalia Figueiredo

  • Luiza Lopes

    Lu is the prodigy girl of the family. Lola's mother, she has been a designer for 10 years and makes the team proud with her multiple solutions in visual identity, user interface and usability (UX). More than an artistic person, an artist.

    Luiza Lopes

    An artist

We want to plan and validate your strategy, design a look for your business and get your client to reach you. We offer solutions in branding, design, creation of websites, development of platforms, as well as content production and performance.

Bring your project and together we will build a brand of value, a successful business and a frank dialogue to reach your target audience.

Queremos planejar e validar sua estratégia, dar cara ao seu negócio e fazer seu cliente chegar até você.

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